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At the outset of the fintech hype, there was a lot of discussion about who would emerge as the winner of the hype - the fintechs or the banks? Over time, both sides have come to the conclusion that the key to success is cooperation, both between fintechs and banks but also between fintechs and fintechs. 

The main objective of our network is therefore to connect women working in teh fintech industry. Our members come from different backgrounds such as legal, sales, business development, software engineering, human resources and public relations, and they work for a range of different organisations such as fintech start-ups, banks, insurance companies, financial services and law firms. 

Our events serve as a platform for open exchange between the ladies and aim to foster new contacts and business relationships. Our special format ensures that the right business partners find each other very quickly. In addition, our meetings are also about professional and personal growth. 

Our regular event series in the local communities in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich, Vienna and Zurich is the #FTLDeepDive. Usually hosted by a fintech startup or a financial institution, the #FTLDeepDive focuses on a new business model or a special topic trending in fintech. 

Participants benefit from each others' experiences: women who work in large banks and corporations learn about the latest trends and developments in teh fintech sector. Employees from fintech startups benefit from the vast range of experience of established companies in terms of processes as well as regulation. 

Besides the #FTLDeepDive, we organise larger events suchs as the "Fintech Stories" or the exclusive "Fintech Ladies Dinner" which is an invite-only event in collaboration with supporters from the industry. See more here in our review. 

Since the foundation of the Fintech Ladies network in the spring of 2016, our network has grown to over 350 women from all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This makes us the largest women's network for fintech in Europe. If you are keen to join our community, please visit and sign up for our newsletter. 

Anna Friedrich & Christine Kiefer, co-organisers of Fintech Ladies