Fintech Coding

Best open source libraries for fintech

We are tracking open source libraries for building fintech software. If you know any that is not listed below, please enter the full qualified url of its github repository.

Scipy library main repository.

A framework agnostic, multi-gateway payment processing library for PHP 5.3+.

A community based Python library for quantitative economics.

IPython widgets for the Jupyter Notebook.

Flexible and powerful data analysis / manipulation library for Python, providing labeled data structures similar to R data.frame objects, statistical functions, and much more.

Zipline, a Pythonic Algorithmic Trading Library.

Common financial risk and performance metrics. Used by zipline and pyfolio..

The QuantLib C++ library.

Portfolio and risk analytics in Python.

The most popular Ethereum development framework.

Open source analytics and market risk library from OpenGamma.

Open-Source Subscription Billing & Payment Platform.

Cython QuantLib wrappers.

SImple, common-sense Bitcoin-themed Python ECC library.

QuickFIX C++ Fix Engine Library.

Fetch stock quote data from Yahoo Finance.

Python library for backtesting trading strategies & analyzing financial markets (formerly pythalesians).

Open Source Billing a super simple way to create and send invoices and receive payments online. .

Python library to download market data via Bloomberg, Quandl, Yahoo etc..

Easy to use Python API wrapper to plot charts with matplotlib, plotly, bokeh and more.

Python interface to the Thomson Reuters Dataworks Enterprise (Datastream) API.

R package interfacing the Bloomberg API from

High Performance Inter-Thread Messaging Library.

A lightweight JavaScript library for number, money and currency formatting - fully localisable, zero dependencies..

Python API for FRED (Federal Reserve Economic Data) and ALFRED (Archival FRED).

Basic Development Environment - a set of foundational C++ libraries used at Bloomberg..

The 21 command line interface and two1 bitcoin library. Send and receive BTC over HTTP..

A library for financial calculations in Ruby.

iOS's Stocks App clone written in React Native for demo purpose (available both iOS and Android)..

Python module to get stock data from Yahoo! Finance.

A dead simple wrapper for yahoo finance quotes end-point..

Javascript wrapper for FRED (Federal Reserve Economic Database) API.

An SVG webfont full of main payment system icons.

Practical applications towards risk-centric portfolio management.

HTTP wrapper for Bloomberg Open API.

Python tools to quantitatively manage financial risk.

Monte Carlo Simulations for Financial Risk Analysis..

A collection of notebooks on statistical techniques for the analysis of financial market risk..

Decentralized, Trustless, Anonymous and Open Bitcoin Mixer.

Financial information retrieval and munging (stocks, ETFs, funds, currencies, ...). Libs and app written in golang. Uses multiple datasources: Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, et cetera..

A Ruby wrapper for the Federal Reserve Economic Data API (FRED).