4-day Masterclass for early scale-up leaders in B2B SaaS

28 Sept. - 02 Oct.

Italy, Villa (Torino) -The Workation Village, Via Novarina 9


Up to 95% of SaaS companies fail before they reach €1 million in ARR.

Even for those that do, the journey tends to end here.

Why? Because scaling is hard.

At the Saastermind 4-day Masterclass, you will get invaluable, actionable insights into achieving scale-up success.

Directly aimed at founders and sales executives, this exclusive events is led by senior entrepreneurs with proven track record in B2B SaaS. From peer-based workshops, to intensive one-on-one coaching sessions, this masterclass focuses on 3 critical topics in scaling your business:

Sales Leadership, Conscious Fundraising and Personal Mindset.

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