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Fintastico provide comprehensive support to fintechs, banks and insurance companies to reach an audience interested in their digital products and services, and turn users into real customers.

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Since its beginnings, Fintastico has worked closely with fintechs, banks, and insurance companies to help them achieve their marketing and growth goals through the creation of valuable and engaging content.

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Our tailored services

Fintastico, together with carefully selected partners, offers a wide range of 360-degree services to help fintechs, banks, and insurance companies promote and do digital services.

Brand Awareness

With monthly traffic of more than 200 thousand visitors and a community on major social networks of 15 thousand users, Fintastico is the perfect place to promote smart and digital financial and insurance services.

Lead Generation

Fintastico is the ideal partner for customer acquisition campaigns by producing and publishing search engine optimized reviews and comparison services.

Content Factory

Digital innovation in financial services is a complex process that must combine top-notch UX/UI, highly specialized technology solutions that can be easily integrated into the proprietary infrastructure, and maniacal attention to formal and legal aspects.

Innovation Advisory

Digital innovation in financial services is a complex process. Fintastico has the knowledge and partners to empower your organization with world-class UX, provide innovative technology solutions that can be integrated into your proprietary infrastructure, and take care of the formal and legal aspects.

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Our Services

Our partners


Intelligence and Automation Platform. SaaS solutions based on Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation to efficiently and effectively manage customer acquisition, credit assessment, fraud identification, payment collection, and end-customer contact management.

LX20 Law Firm

Law firm specializing in the areas of legaltech and fintech. Specific expertise on blockchain and cryptocurrencies and financial, banking and insurance services based on digital technologies.


Studio specializing in the design and technological development of innovative digital products. Expertise: User Research, User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Web Development, Mobile Development.


Fintech boutique specializing in the implementation of digital financial services based on serverless technologies in hybrid multi cloud architectures. It helps new companies and market leaders in the implementation of their fintech solutions, from idea validation to design and implementation.