Katherine Lemanski


  • Plaid image Servizi per le banche


    The API for banking data.

  • Apple Pay image Pagamenti

    Apple Pay

    Apple Pay is a Apple's mobile payment solution for the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch.

  • Google Pay image Pagamenti

    Google Pay

    A better way to pay, by Google

  • Truebill image Finanza personale


    Find Subscriptions, Track Bills, and Cancel Recurring Charges

  • Identity image Finanza personale


    Update billing info across services you pay online. In one place. At one time.

  • Pulse image Finanza personale


    Take control of your finances, without the degree in Economics.

  • Prism image Finanza personale


    Prism is a mobile application that enables its users to review, manage, and pay their bills